Workshop for Kids and Adults

Craft & play 's art section provides a wide range of daily, weekly and monthly themed workshops for kids and their families in different mediums from basic drawings, paintings, designs and many more. Besides, it offers stimulating space to the artists to use it as a collective art studio to create their own artworks..

Kids Workshop

Art & Craft

The Arts & Crafts sessions allow your kids to experience exciting and educational activities through engaging artwork activities.

Kids are given the chance to let their imaginations take control as they create and paint using latest child-safe equipment, instruments and tools.

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From M&M Cookies to UAE themed cupcakes, the cooking classes are always a fun and delicious experience for the kids.

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Drawing & Painting

These sessions give your kids the opportunity to express their feelings and ideas through the mixing of colors to produce new colors.

The drawing and painting sessions are filled with excitement and imagination to help your young one stay actively involved in all of the activities.

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Kids Mental & Health Awareness

Your kids are your top priority, so naturally you seek ways to help support their development. As parents we often enlist the help of tutors, counselors, and doctors, but there are many simple changes we can make ourselves.

Our on-going health awareness workshops help your kids be a better version of themselves.

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