About us

Craft & Play is built to give your little ones a nurturing and enriching environment that brings together engaging shapes, vivid colors and interactive activities to truly broaden your children’s horizons.

Our Story

Welcome to a world where learning and fun come together to create a nurturing environment that allows every child to shine and grow.

We are located in the heart of Mirdiff. The Craft & Play facility is designed to bring together a wide range of education and entertainment activities – giving children the opportunities they need to nurture their imagination, creativity, critical thinking skills, problem solving skills and social skills.

Craft and Play is a unique concept that is designed to reinvent the value and learning that children get from their free time. The setup focuses heavily on allowing children to explore and expand the limits of their imagination, while giving them the tools and encouragement that they need to come out of their shell.

Craft and Play employs a unique learning-through-play model of education where children are able to develop their social, cognitive and emotional skills. The outcome becomes visible in the form of increased self-confidence and a willingness to embrace new experiences and environments.

Children are given the space, tools and encouragement to explore a wide variety of opportunities. Exposure to art plays a major part in this system as children are given an opportunity to engage in sensory activities that stimulate critical thinking and problem solving. From our custom-made water table, to creating things by hand, to making sensory bottles, to scavenger hunts, to painting with spaghetti! The setup allows children to use their creativity while developing their imagination, physical, cognitive, and emotional strength.

The activities available at Craft and Play are strategically developed to stimulate all 5 senses, giving children full exposure to growth and expression stimulants. There is a different theme every week to make sure that children never run out of engaging activities.


60C Street Mirdif 35 G - Dubai


04 224 7463

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